Reblog: When ‘FREE’ costs more in the long run: Why WebCenter often costs less than SharePoint – despite the stunning license price difference

An interesting blog post by Oracle Ace, Dmitri Khanine, about the hidden costs of a SharePoint deployment from 3rd party applications, and why WebCenter can be the right choice – costing less in the long run.

“Here’re a few key areas where SharePoint clients are forced to rely on the outside vendors and expensive integration projects – to compensate for the lack of functionality:

  • Reporting, auditing and workflow. While SharePoint offers some basic functionality in these areas, it is vastly inadequate and almost all clients are forced to compliment SharePoint with a mix of 3rd party solutions – for each of these 3 areas
  • Digital Asset Management and Conversion – out of the box conversion to different formats on check in, image and video management and metadata extraction
  • Document capture and scanning support is not included with SharePoint while Oracle WebCenter fully supports scanning.
  • Record Management. SharePoint does not meet the DoD 5015.2 specification, a de-facto industry standard, and is lacking many important features”

-Dmitri Khanine
Credit to Dmitri Khanine

Read the full blog here

Read Oracle’s Whitepaper  “SharePoint 2010 Cost of Ownership: Expect the Unexpected. How Oracle WebCenter Lowers Cost for User Engagement Solutions”

If you would like to have TEAM build your WebCenter Roadmap and show you the cost savings, contact us today!

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