WebCenter Sites Connector v.1.1 is Released!

By: Scott Olesen – Director of R&D

Our R&D team has been working diligently to improve the WebCenter Sites Connector and version 1.1 has arrived!TEAM WCsites Connector Box

The TEAM WebCenter Sites Connector allows you to leverage the Oracle WebCenter Content enterprise content management platform and deliver centrally-managed content to all your WebCenter Sites deployments. By utilizing the WebCenter Content platform behind WebCenter Sites you can simplify and automate the entire process of authoring, site design, content publishing and deployment, content targeting, site analytics and optimization, and user-generated content for your websites.

The newest features included in version 1.1 focus on scalability and compatibility with the latest WebCenter releases.  The replication rate from WebCenter Content to Sites can be fine-tuned to increase transfer rates during times of lower traffic or during batch loads. Administrators can also choose to perform the replication immediately or wait for the a scheduled time.

WebCenter Sites Connector features include:

  • Enables the Oracle-recommended enterprise content infrastructure to be utilized with WebCenter Sites
  • Full integration with WebCenter Content DAM renditioning
  • Integrated rules engine for easy mapping between WebCenter  Content items and WebCenter Sites attributes
  • Utilizes fully supported WebCenter APIs
  • Flexibility to extend it to map Site Studio webpages to Sites assets.

See the Product Specification Sheet.

Read the Press Release!

If you would like to combine the power of WebCenter Sites with WebCenter Content contact us today!

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