TEAM Speaking Sessions at Oracle OpenWorld 2015 and New Product Announcements

October 15, 2015

TEAM has had a very exciting year, and we want to share our innovation with the Oracle Community. TEAM has two very unique and important speaking sessions at Oracle OpenWorld 2015 and we want to see you there! Come join us as we make announcements for new and exciting products that enable WebCenter Content and Oracle Documents Cloud implementations.

DIE and ROT or Use Records Management to Control Content Chaos [CON4408]
Dwayne Parkinson, Solution Architect,
TEAM Informatics, Inc.
Thursday, Oct 29, 9:30 a.m. | Moscone West-2024

ContentWorX: Public Sector ECM-as-a-Service Case Study and Oracle Cloud [CON4639]
Volker Schaberg, General Manager Australia and New Zealand,Team Informatics
Thursday, Oct 29, 12:00 p.m. | Moscone West-3000

docsconnectSpeak with us about our newest product, DOCSConnect, connecting Oracle WebCenter Content to Oracle Documents Cloud for true hybrid content management and collaboration. Read more about it here.

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Oracle VM 3.0 and Content Management

September 26, 2012

By: Raoul Miller – Enterprise Architect

Oracle released VM server 3.0 in August and while you may have missed that announcement, it’s an important and exciting update to a very valuable tool for developers and IT administrators.

The drive for virtualization comes from two different directions – from developers and from IT administrators.  Developers and users want to be able to stand up a platform quickly, play with (and break) that environment, and use it for development, demos, and testing.  IT administrators want to increase scalability, flexibility, and resource utilization, and also have a more centralized approach to management.

OVM 3.0 provides substantial improvements to both those constituencies.  Keys to both of these are the improvements in the Virtual Assembly Builder (which was first introduced about 18 months ago, but had limited tools available). OVAB allows you to create standardized “software appliances” and templates and then, using OVAB Studio, drag and drop these components into a deployable assembly.  The super cool thing is that the configuration steps are templated – so that the database connection to the WLS and the storage for each tier are configured automatically.  So, those of us who regularly have to build a virtual environment with a particular version of a database, application server, web tier, directory, etc. can stitch one together in minutes rather than hours and deploy it immediately. To make things even easier, Oracle has provided more than 100 templates of pre-assembled deployments (although there are none yet available for WebCenter Content, Spaces or Sites).

The same tools also allow for much quicker and more controlled deployments within an enterprise’s virtualized infrastructure.  Need to stand up a performance testing environment that matches production? That’s now a job that takes less than an hour rather than days. In addition, you can be sure it’s identical and not have to trust that the configurations were manually copied correctly.  Oracle’s own presentation on OVAB shows deployment of environments take 5 to15 days – in my experience it can often be much longer.

Among other highlights that I’ll review in another post are the ability to manage storage much better across the whole deployment (including features such as de-duplication and real-time LUN resizing) and seamless management of the VMs using Enterprise Manager.  The diagram below gives an overview of how the virtual assembly deployment process works, but the best way to understand it (as is so often the case) is to download and experiment with it.

A couple of final considerations that may help tip the scales toward OVM as opposed to VMware’s vSphere (a good product in its own right, and one we use extensively as well):

We are very excited at TEAM about the new capabilities of OVM 3.0 because it’s allowing us to manage environments and deployments so much more efficiently and because it’s a key part of an exciting new offering to be announced soon.  Stay tuned!

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WebCenter Specialized Means Our Experience with Engineered Systems Delivers Confidence to You.

September 24, 2012

By: Korey Berg – Marketing Coordinator

“Oracle Specialized Partners possess in-depth skills and expertise in Oracle’s products, solutions or industries as demonstrated by their success in selling, developing and implementing these solutions. Partner Specialization provides a system of preference for Oracle’s customers.”  –

TEAM has done an immense amount of work over the past decade to bring expertise and best practices to our customers and partners. As an Oracle Gold Partner specialized in WebCenter Content, we have proven our worth to clients with our ability to provide fast, reliable, and robust solutions, as well as becoming a trusted re-seller and implementation specialist of Oracle products.

Oracle Specialization requirements are a strict, high-standard list of tasks that allow partners to stand out. In order for TEAM to achieve its specializations, our consultants actively undergo stringent training and review to ultimately be given a pass/fail exam to become an Implementation Specialist.

Specialization is Oracle’s way of not just “certifying” partners, but setting technology, implementation and design experts apart from the rest of the field.  To us, Specialization in WebCenter and Enterprise Content Management matters because it keeps us sharp. Specialization gives customers and Oracle staff the confidence that we are the best choice to be part of your Oracle solution team.

Our case studies, awards, global presence, and new and returning customers; offer proof of TEAM’s commitment to the WebCenter Suite of products. With offices in the US, London, Australia and Croatia, we are gaining experience from each project, across the globe, to be the best.

A few of our customers’ thoughts on TEAM:

“TEAM was selected to participate in our struggling Oracle WebCenter Content 11g implementation with the goal of making it a complete success. They quickly determined the problem, developed a solution, and smoothly implemented it. They were able to collaborate with disparate groups effectively which allowed us to go live with a solution that met our company’s needs.”

“My team had nothing but glowing remarks about our TEAM Project Manager’s knowledge and professionalism. He was hands down the best consultant we have had: fast, knowledgeable, helpful, and all around a rock star.”

If you would like to talk to TEAM about a current or future project, contact us. You can also join us at Oracle OpenWorld 2012 in San Francisco at the end of the month and schedule an appointment to chat with us about our products and specializations.